Collaborative Family Law Video

Written & Produced by Rick Green & Ava Green in collaboration with the Peel Halton Collaborative Family Law Practice Group

This groundbreaking 32 minute video provides a powerful introduction to the revolutionary Collaborative Family Law (CFL) Process. “A Peaceful Divorce” is designed for couples who are facing divorce and for lawyers who are considering expanding beyond traditional existing models. It gives an overview and some profound insights into what makes the CFL Process so transformative.

A Peaceful Divorce” emphasizes the holistic approach of Collaborative Law by clearly laying out the roles of the lawyers, other team members and of course, the couple themselves. A number of Financial Professionals, Family Professionals and Life Coaches reveal how the CFL team approach saves time and money, and keeps the process moving by empowering everyone involved. It is designed to give a concise look at the logistics of the process, including the agreements that are made going in, leads to the final conclusion that CFL is revolutionary, offering a unique opportunity to transform the process of divorce and tailor it to suit each family’s unique situation.

In addition, a bonus video details why litigation almost inevitably increases the level of hostility between the parties, often turning the divorce into a war by forcing the children to choose between their parents. Then we see how the Collaborative Family Law Process protects children, so that as the marriage ends, the family is transformed, rather than destroyed.

This video is both a sales tool for potential clients, and also a reference for those same clients to refer back to, if and when they lose focus during the divorce itself. It becomes a timely reminder of the goals and outcomes that only CFL can provide.

View a 2-minute clip of the video below.