Collaborative Law Practice and Mediation

The process of divorce is difficult for both men and women. Collaborative Practice is a new way for a divorcing couple to work as a team with trained professionals to resolve disputes without the use of the court. It is a particular model that is well suited to resolve family matters. One of the ways that Collaborative Law differs from other types of legal practice is that the lawyers are specifically hired to help the parties resolve their dispute. In the Collaborative Law model, both the parties and the lawyers contract together to work in a respectful manner.

While Collaborative lawyers are always a part of collaboration, some models utilize the skills of other professionals such as child specialists, financial specialists and life coaches as part of the clients’ divorce team. In this model clients have the option of starting their divorce with the professional with whom they are most comfortable. The client then selects the other professional they feel best suits their needs. This process results in the client benefiting from a variety of professional services available to them throughout the process.

From Now On Principal, Vittoria Adhami, is an Associate Professional with Peel Collaborative Law