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Live Your Dream

We believe that all wealth management starts with a dream. Our role is to help you develop a financial plan that will allow you to live your dream.

Whether your dreams are short-term or long-term, grand or modest, no matter what stage of life you are at, we want to help you live your dream. Dreams are very personal.

Your dream may be to finance your children’s education, to purchase a summer home or to enjoy a retirement free from financial worry. Whatever your dream, we are here to help.

If we’re going to talk about personal investing, we need to get a little personal. Because it all starts with you. Your goals. Your habits. Your financial personality. Once you’ve taken an honest look at your situation and your preferences, you can begin to answer other questions which will help you craft an approach to investing that’s right for you.

This is where your advisor comes in. At Adhami & Adhami Financial Group we offer “a qualified approach to wealth creation”, this means that we will:

  • Listen to you and understand your needs.
  • After a thorough understanding of your Investment Goals, we will develop a personalized strategy taking into account your age, time horizon, risk comfort level, and investment suitability.
  • We will then present our strategy to you, and together we will construct and implement your investment portfolio.
  • Once implemented, your investment portfolio will be monitored regularly and adjustments (if needed) will be communicated to you and authorized by you to ensure that you are on track and on schedule to meet your goals.